Minister Pledges Support for Bandon Initiative to Slash iPad Costs for Parents and Schools – Daly

Minister Pledges Support for Bandon Initiative to Slash iPad Costs for Parents and Schools – Daly

Minister Jim Daly has pledged to bring a Bandon Grammar School cost saving initiative on computer technology that; ‘’possesses the potential to slash iPad and other such costs to the heart of government’’.

‘’The purchase of costly iPads for school-work in a world where technology is constantly changing is a serious worry for parents’’, he said.

This, he said; ‘’is a revolutionary development that could transform education, we have a political responsibility to pursue it’’.

At a presentation the project was explained to the Minister by Trevor Collins and Darren Platts designers of the initiative.

It works as follows.

Under a new system of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) schools no longer need to purchase new PC’s, laptops or tablets.

Instead, once they log on to their VDI account, students using cheap tablets have the same processing power as those using expensive iPads.

Mr Collins predicted;

This system would give the Irish education system an advantage over other countries.
The maintaining of accounts and updating of software is now done centrally whilst a key benefit of the system is the simplicity for the end user’’.

We are now working with interested stakeholders to bring down the cost of implementing this system to schools without skilled ICT personnel on the staff.’’

This, he said; does require funding from the state or the EU for a bigger scale project to examine the benefits of VDI in local schools’’.

Minister Jim Daly said ‘’I have already brought this initiative to Minister Bruton’s attention and will continue to be a strong advocate of this at Dail and cabinet. It is important though that we pioneer any further development in West Cork first where the idea began’’.

We have, he added; ‘’a responsibility to enhance access to computer up-skilling for all our students in a way which reflects the free at the point of entry original ethos of our schools’’.