Elderly Urged TO STOCK UP on fuel NOW and Pay Later


Minister for the Elderly Jim Daly has urged pensioners to; ‘’take care and light the fire up early during the current big freeze’’.

Dealing with cost concerns Mr Daly said pensioners should note; there are a range of welfare schemes available which ensures pensioners can stock up on fuel before the cold snap fully bites.

The Minister said; ‘’Fuel and heat are always concerns for the elderly, particularly when it comes to cost’’.

However, he said; ‘’the uniquely cold weather conditions over the coming days mean the elderly should not stint on fuel use’’.

‘’Shivering behind a single electric bar will be penny wise and pound foolish’’ he said.

The Minister said the Elderly will be wise enough to realize;

‘’When it comes to weather such as this thrift is not an option

Pensioners who live at home should keep the heat going for twenty-four hours

They should feel free to use that extra bucket of coal or bale of briquets

Mr Daly urged pensioners who are worried about cost to;

‘’Put your health and safety first

A warm fire or a hot radiator is a basic entitlement

Extra spending on fuel is covered by many schemes

If money is a problem, you can take advantage of current welfare schemes’’.

In particular he cited the ‘Urgent Needs Supplementary Payment’ and the Exceptional Needs Payment, a single payment to help meet essential, once-off, exceptional expenditure, which a person could not reasonably be expected to meet out of their weekly income.

Mr Daly noted that; ‘’Exceptional Needs can cover help with fuel bills

You may get help with the cost of your electricity or natural gas bill but only in exceptional circumstances.

The current weather conditions are exceptional. They meet those criteria’’.

The Minister said ‘’Not every-one knows the myriad of schemes that exist to deal with such issues, but they are there and should be utilized.’’.

I am, he said; ‘’urging people to let relatives and neighbours who are pensioners aware of these schemes and to visit the Elderly during this cold front to make sure they are looking after themselves’’.

In fact, he said ‘’I am urging people to make sure to visit any elderly folk they know and make sure their neighbours know, in weather such as this, that pensioners are aware they can get their fuel now and pay later.’’

Mr Daly also pledged that; ‘’schemes have been set up precisely to deal with such emergencies’’.

‘’If the elderly are uncertain they can call the senior line telephone service on 1800 804591 or Citizens Information on 0761 074000 which will inform them of their rights’’, he added.

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