Future West Cork meetings.

Turning Main Street in to a pedestrian only zone, converting the Old Mill into a Food Emporium or opening a Call Centre employing a couple hundred of people are some of the ideas being put before the people of Skibbereen next week.

A series of public meetings under the title of “Future west Cork” will begin with a “Future Skibbereen” meeting in the West Cork Hotel on Monday October 13th at 8pm. The meetings which will also be held in the towns of Bandon, Clonakilty, Dunmanway and Kinsale over the coming months are being organised by West Cork TD Jim Daly to identify one project which can be progressed in each town by a local committee to be formed at the public meeting. Speaking ahead of the launch of “Future West Cork” Jim Daly explained how the initiative is designed to help Towns contribute to their own future success by combining the goodwill and talents of the residents of each town. “My philosophy in life is simple – God helps those who help themselves – I will work with a small committee from each of the main towns to progress one initiative in that town. As an elected member of the Oireachtas, it is not within my gift to deliver large scale projects to towns but I certainly can assist working groups by way of advice and identifying contacts and sources of funding to develop a project in their town” explained Jim Daly.

The meeting will be chaired by a local person from each town and a committee elected on the night to progress an initiative agreed at the meeting. “I have many ideas for each town but ultimately the project to be pursued will be decided by those present on the night. In Skibbereen for example there are so many opportunities for the town. I would love to see Main Street being pedestranised with numerous new Café’s and Bars along the streetscape or the Old Mill being bought and converted in to a food emporium along the lines of the English Market. I don’t know any other town like Skibbereen which has such an array of diverse and creative artists and producers living in the locality. There are so many fluent speakers of European Languages within a 20 mile radius of Skibbereen making it ideal for a Call Centre employing between one and two hundred people. These are just some of my ideas but it is up to those who attend the public meeting to agree the most beneficial and realistic aspiration for the town.” Concluded Jim Daly who encouraged those living in the town and interested in its future to come along on the night and have their say