Greater Focus on Job Creation needed in West Cork – Daly

Cork South West Fine Gael TD Jim Daly has called for greater focus on job creation in regions such as West Cork as the country moves out of recession. While acknowledging that the recent Exchequer Returns announced on Friday last are most encouraging and confirm that the Country’s worst days are certainly in the past, the Fine Gael TD believes more must be done to ensure recovery happens outside of Dublin.

Deputy Daly said “the Returns show that for the third successive year, Ireland is on track to overachieve its deficit target and this highlights the consistent improvement in the management of Ireland’s public finances by the current Government.”

“The Statement shows an Exchequer deficit of €11.5 billion for 2013, that is the amount of money the Country was short and had to borrow to pay for public services” explained Jim Daly who pointed out that  it is also €3.4 billion lower than the year 2012. €37.8 billion tax was collected in 2013, an increase of almost €1.2 billion on the previous year 2012.

“Fine Gael made a pre election promise not to increase income tax for working people and it was most welcome to have confirmation that receipts for this tax are up by almost 4%, as there has been no increase in the rate of income tax, this strong performance is reflective of the additional 58,000 people who were fortunate enough to gain employment in 2013 and are now paying tax instead of claiming social welfare. The IDA has also reported the creation of 13,367 new jobs by client companies during 2013, the highest net level of job creation in over a decade.” stated Jim Daly.
The West Cork Government TD believes that more emphasis needs to be put on ensuring that jobs are created in regions such as West Cork ensuring a balanced growth across all regions and sectors. “I believe a more concentrated effort will be required by Government and their agencies in 2014 to ensure a balanced recovery accompanied by job creation occur throughout the regions and not just in the major cities”.
Deputy Daly insists that the exchequer performance in 2013 is evidence of the significant progress that has been made in stabilising and growing the economy and creating jobs. However, he warns of further challenges ahead and the need for prudent management of our economy in 2014. “It remains the case that we still have a size-able deficit in our public finances and we must continue to be vigilant and disciplined with the management of our budgets. We should all now be looking to the future with a degree of optimism, it is also important for the Government to look beyond balancing budgets and continues to put in place the conditions that will allow the economy to grow and facilitate further job growth in the regions. Jobs will continue to be the number one priority of this Government in 2014.