Bandon Flood Relief Scheme to commence next year.

New Road remedial works to be included in overall flood relief scheme to
commence next year – Daly

Fine Gael TD for Cork
South West, Jim Daly, has confirmed that a solution has been agreed between the
OPW and the NRA to address the repeat flooding that has been experienced by the
residents of properties at New Road,

“Earlier this year a group of concerned
residents visited my Bandon office to highlight their concerns. Some of them
reported having been flooded up to six times over the last forty years.

“The Bandon Main Flood Relief Scheme has been
progressed by the OPW and Minister of State, Brian Hayes TD, since he took
office, and is due to commence construction next year. However, the problem on
New Road is of a slightly more complex nature. It stems from surface water
run-off from the Kilbrittain Road and in more recent years the by-pass road.
This surface water run-off has no adequate escape route from the nearby stream
to the Bridewell River.

“After visiting the
site earlier this year with me, Minister of State Brian Hayes who has
responsibility for the OPW, requested that BLP (Byrne Looby Partners, who are
the scheme consultants) come up with proposals to deal with the stream that
enters the Bridewell River and also to deal with road drainage. A preliminary
design has now been prepared and the OPW has accepted these proposals. The works
in the stream involve a larger culvert through the GAA grounds and these works
will be carried out in the Flood Relief Scheme. BLP has also prepared
preliminary design proposals for changes to the road camber as well as increased
road drainage.

“The Main Bandon Flood Relief
Scheme was originally due to go to construction this year. Unfortunately, it was
delayed as the design consultant was placed in receivership. After a period of
three months, however, the Scheme was taken over by BLP who continued to employ
the existing team that had been working on the project. Due to this delay the
Main Flood Relief Scheme will now not commence in 2013 as originally intended
but works will commence in the environmental window of 2014 with the Scheme
being completed over two years. I am delighted that a solution to the New Road
problem has now been incorporated into the plans and am grateful to Minister of
State Hayes for his involvement in the

“I can also confirm that the Scheme
will be delivered to the town of Bandon at a cost in the order of €16.5 million.
I look forward to seeing the impact this investment will have on the town and
surrounding areas.”