Minister hails “inspirational” work on Kinsale signal tower

“Commendable and Inspirational” was the description used by Mister Brian Hayes when he spoke about the efforts of the Courceys Rural Development Committee after he visited the Old Head Signal Tower project at Kinsale recently.

The project to restore and renovate the Old Head Signal tower began back in 2010 when a sub-committee of Courceys Rural development Association was set up to investigate the possibilities of developing the tower and its surrounding grounds. A feasibility study was undertaken and the development concept currently involves pursuing efforts to restore the Tower as a panoramic viewing point and to use the internal Tower as a space to explain to visitors its significance and history. There are also further plans to build an underground museum for Lusitania interpretation and to build a visitor centre including a cafe and craft shop.

Full planning permission as been granted for the renovation of the Tower and the project is currently the subject of a Leader funding application. As the site is owned by the OPW the committee requested though the offices of local Deputy Jim Daly for Minister Brian Hayes, who has responsibility for the OPW, the visit the project and see first hand the potential attraction this could be for locals and visitors alike.

On visiting the site along with local Deputy Jim Daly Minister Hayes said “the progress made to date by the committee is truly commendable and inspirational, I will certainly offer my support in any way I can to help this project succeed, I will be liaising with my colleague Minister Hogan who’s Department has responsibility for Leader Funding to ensure his Department is fully aware of the significant progress made by this committee to date. Bringing the project to a full planning permission status was no easy task he said”.