€300,000 for Clon T.C to help clean up and repair Flood Damage

THREE local authorities – Cork City, Cork County and Clonakilty Town Council – have been granted €700,000 to help offset the costs of dealing with flooding.

The Fine Gael TD for Cork South West, Mr Jim Daly, welcomed the announcement that was made on Tuesday by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr Phil Hogan TD.

He said the Minister will provide €300,000 to Clonakilty Town Council, €150,000 to Cork City Council and €250,000 to Cork County Council to defray the ‘exceptional costs’ met by the local authorities.

Minister Hogan said the payments were in recognition of the ‘unforeseeable and exceptional emergency events, which placed significant added pressure on local authority budgets.’

And he acknowledged the ‘leadership roles’ of the local authorities in dealing with the floods, and thanked all the local authority employees for their ‘effective response.’

Mr Daly welcomed the allocation from the Department of the Environment saying: ‘it will assist in re-establishing flood preventions in the town in the medium term.’

However, he said: ‘I am still very much concerned about the situation of individual property owners.’

Mr Daly acknowledged that an emergency fund had been put in place for residential property owners, but he highlighted the fact that there is ‘still an urgent need to address the losses of uninsured business owners in the town.’

He told The Southern Star: ‘I have been discussing this issue with Minister Hogan on a daily basis for the past month and the minister has advised me that he is currently trying to agree a mechanism with the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, to establish a fund to assist uninsured businesses in Clonakilty town.’

Although there are a number of issues yet to be ironed out, Mr Daly said he was ‘confident’ that a fund of this type would be established.