Cork Chamber of Commerce becomes the latest business group to endorse a Yes vote

Fine Gael TD Jim Daly, has welcomed the news that Cork Chamber of Commerce has become the latest business group to give their support to the Stability Treaty.
“I was delighted to learn that Cork Chamber of Commerce is strongly advocating a Yes vote in the upcoming Referendum on the Stability Treaty. A multitude of local, national and international business groups have come out in support of the Treaty, because they recognise that a Yes vote will be a key step in driving economic recovery.
“Chambers Ireland joins IBEC, ISME, the Small Firms Association and many other business groups who are actively campaigning for a Yes vote. A Yes vote will help deliver the stability and certainty that businesses need, and will be a critical step in bringing about the right conditions for growth.
“The Government has been taking a series of steps in recent months aimed at making it cheaper and easier to do business and create jobs. The Action Plan for Jobs, launched earlier this year, is being monitored on a quarterly basis to ensure every government department is fulfilling its commitments. A number of headline measures will be delivered this year, including the €100 million micro-finance loan scheme and a partial loan guarantee scheme.
“Companies with export potential are also being specifically targeted and supported, to help them grow their business and access lucrative markets overseas. All of these measures rely on the renewed confidence in the Irish economy being maintained. This confidence can only be secured with a Yes vote on May 31st.
“As well as the need for confidence, businesses also understand the need to access funding when you need it. Voting Yes to the Stability Treaty is the only way to ensure we have access to the ESM, Europe’s new bailout fund, should we ever need it. Businesses also appreciate the final element of the Treaty; sticking to sensible budget rules.
“The fact that the business community is fully behind the Stability Treaty highlights the fact that it will be a key step as we rebuild a working Ireland with certainty and confidence.